Myths about a Teacher’s job

When teacher appreciation week is coming you can hear many people complaining about work teachers do is no so hard and they wish they have a job as easy a teaching. However there are many myths about this job and its professed advantages.

Teachers have too many vacation so what do they get an extra teacher day?
Kids at home doesn’t mean that teachers are not working. They need to finish all documentation at the end of the year and they have to set and prepare the new classes before the next course begin.

Being a kindergarten teacher it is the easiest job ever.
Despite you think that the kindergarten teacher is only reading books to children they have to be responsible for at least 14 kids that can stop just for a second and if, they are not under constant supervision, a child can swallow anything that is in the classroom.

They feel supported and have the appreciation of parents
Sadly, that’s not true. In many cases teachers have to fight with a really negative environment to kids learning. Sometimes parents even take away teachers authority in front of their children.

Teachers are doing that job because they couldn’t find anything better.
This could be true for some people but most of them really like teaching are really aware about their students development at school and adult life.

Think about it and during next teacher appreciation week 2011 show your current or past favorite teacher how much he o she helped you and how you managed to turn in a responsible grown up.

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