Skills of Teaching

Teaching is a profession which can provide great reward to those who choose to pursue it – that is to say it can provide personal, financial and professional reward…

However, like all rewarding activity, to take benefit, one must invest. In this case, the investment does not refer to the financial sort, but the personal sort. In order to be a successful, accomplished and rewarded teacher, one must demonstrate dedication to the cause.

A good teacher has ambition, not just for oneself but for their class and more specifically, every individual student. A good teacher will make that the classroom is a place for the ambition to thrive – through encouragement, creativity, sensitivity and motivation. These attitudes are fundamental for success. Even in the face of difficulty, a teacher must be prepared to take the initiative, to reinstate energy in the classroom and assure that each student is happily reaching his/her full potential.

For many students, a teacher is a role model – a fact which highlights the need for personal strength and resistance to vice, especially for those teaching impressionable young children. The teacher, as well as providing an academic education, should also be the provider of a good moral example for his/her students to follow, demonstrating the advantages of honest and conscientious living.

An effective teacher should not be afraid to assert their authority. When teaching a numerous class, one of the teacher’s principle responsibilities is to ensure a working environment is maintained. Should a teacher fail to act should this environment be disrupted, he/she would not be fulfilling their role as the class authoritarian and consequently be failing to assume the responsibility for class achievement.

With respect to education, nothing is more effective for animating the mind than a passion for what is being taught. The passion and energy of a teacher for their subject is diffused amongst the students who will come to realise, although they may be facing challenges, that hard work is beneficial.

Teacher is an immensely enjoyable career, offering a great variety of challenges and opportunities for learning. By employing the skills discussed here whilst teaching, one can ensure that they are doing an exceptional job and for this, will be duly rewarded.

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